Pandora’s Pleasure (Audiobook)

Pandora’s Pleasure (Audiobook)

Narration by Kylie Stewart and Eric Rolan

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Vanessa Fewings returns with a new romance, ushering in an alpha for the ages.  

Damien Godman is a dangerous mystery.

There’s nothing quite like his thrust of power. Once you feel it inside you, you’ll never be the same. It creates a whitehot passion. One that I crave. His strong body. His willful mind. His unbreakable spirit. Just thinking of him makes me melt.

It wasn’t always this way. This man once made me seethe with hatred. He was my enemy. Now he makes me burn with desire. Because he became my lover.

But this is a love that comes with a price. There’s only so deep you can dive before you’re lost forever. I should escape before it’s too late.

Before Damien completely consumes me.

Series: Standalones
Genre: romance
Tag: Audiobooks