The Enthrall Sessions

Enthrall Shadows

Enthrall Shadows

Series: The Enthrall Sessions, Book 10
Genre: romance
Tag: Enthrall Sessions

Henry delivers a storm of passion that only a Cole can summon.

The enigmatic older brother to famous psychiatrist Cameron Cole, Henry is a charismatic and beautiful mystery. Head of the family empire. Powerful in business.

Devastating in bed.

Former Navy SEAL, scarred and tormented from fierce battles and broken hearts.

The man has demons.

But they don’t frighten me. I crave him, even as I struggle to resist him.

It’s not until I find myself alone with Henry in the middle of the wilderness that I realize I’ve fallen irrevocably and hopelessly in love with this remarkable man.

The only problem—we come from different worlds. Society deems us an unthinkable match. As a dominatrix, I’m a dangerous scandal in the making.

If anyone discovers our forbidden romance, lives will be destroyed. An empire will fall.

Ours is an impossible love.

Except if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my time at Enthrall, if you want to reach the brightest light, you have to delve deep into the darkest shadows.

And the dark is my specialty.

ENTHRALL SHADOWS is the hotly anticipated story of Cameron Cole’s older brother Henry Cole and premier dominatrix Lotte Chamberlain.

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